City of Duluth leaders are asking for your help!  They've deemed Wednesday, May 16 as a city-wide graffiti clean up day. During the day, the Duluth Police Department and the Life Safety Office will work together along with volunteers to clean up the graffiti that's currently found on public spaces.

At the same time, they're asking private property owners - both residential and commercial - to clean up any graffiti found on their buildings and property.  The organizers are requesting that a clean up schedule occur before the May 16 date to coordinate efforts.

In order to help the volunteers who are cleaning up the public spaces, your help is requested; if you know of graffiti on public buildings or property, you're asked to call the phone number the Duluth Police have established:  218-730-5183.  Just leave a message with an address or location and the inspectors will add the property to the list of places for clean up.


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