The City of Superior is seeking interested individuals to apply to be poll workers for the upcoming primary election on Tuesday, April 7.  Their usual pool of individuals has been reduced with the recent COVID-19 concerns.

According to the release issued by the city, many from their usual crew are unable to participate this election season due to COVID-19.  Many are older and have preexisting  medical conditions which prevent them from taking part at this time.

The city is hoping for interested individuals - specifically those who may have been displaced due to the current situation.  Their website suggests that the job would be perfect for someone who is a teacher, student, or other person.

As far as health and viral-concerns, the city is working diligently to assure the general public that the necessary steps are being taken to provide a clean atmosphere, with established guidelines in place to assure everyone's well-being.

Anyone who is interested in working should contact the Douglas County Clerk’s Office immediately at 715-395-1341 or the Superior City Clerk’s Office at 715-395-7200.

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