The 2021 construction season is underway and the City of Duluth has launched a new website to help you keep track of them all.

The city says that this year's road construction season will be the busiest Duluth has ever seen with The City of Duluth, St. Louis County, MnDOT, Essentia
Health and St. Luke’s all planning some road projects this year, so don't get surprised by any unexpected road closures.

You can find the new Construct Duluth website here at, the city says the site will be updated weekly by them, St. Louis County, MnDOT, Essentia
Health, and St. Luke’s about upcoming projects, they say that the site will be updated weekly and new projects will be listed a week before they begin.

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The website includes an interactive map to see current road closures, delays, and parking throughout the city. Not only will it provide current construction information, but a section that includes job opportunities and training within the construction trades.

“Construct Duluth is a resource that residents and visitors alike can not only use to continue going to their favorite businesses but use it to find new favorites. Just because construction is happening doesn’t mean that you can’t get to places that you need to go,” said Duluth Public Information Officer Kate Van Daele.

You can also get updates via their Facebook page and you can sign up to get a weekly newsletter about what's new and updates on current projects.

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