The city of Duluth and Duluth Area Family YMCA really need lifeguards for Park Point and raising the pay is what they hope will lure qualified lifeguards, and it may be working.

Fox 21 is reporting that the partnership is raising its minimum wage for lifeguards to between $19 and $22 an hour. That is a raise of more than $8 to $11 an hour. Park Point has seen its share of people getting dragged into the riptide and going under. Duluth and YMCA officials told Fox 21 that lifeguards are crucial this summer.

This is not a problem just in the Northland. The Twin Cities area is also having problems filling lifeguard jobs, and so are places around the rest of the country. The Duluth YMCA told Fox 21 they want to keep their lifeguards too and have increased their pay.

The Duluth News Tribune says things are looking better now with the increase in pay. The jobs aren't full but people have responded with the new higher pay. The Duluth YMCA says they will extend their offer to train the lifeguards for free.

The Duluth News Tribune says the budget of $46,000 dollars was always enough said Alicia Watts, assistant manager of Duluth's Parks and Recreation Department. The city council approved an increase to over $52,000 to cover the cost of the raise with all the money coming from the tourism tax fund.

Park Point is Duluth's only public beach with lifeguards on duty. People who swim elsewhere do so at their own risk. It is also the most crowded beach that many visiting tourists flock to. So, having lifeguards present is a smart idea in my opinion.

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