Continuing my Twin Ports Tour, Today we talked to Bill Allan of the Circuit Breakers. A band that got their name from their first gig.

They were just forming and their first show was at the Power House Bar in Proctor. It was for bike night and soon there were black clouds emptying rain and then lightning struck the breaker and all the power went out. In the dark, the band moved to the floor. The Power House put out candles everywhere and the band performed accoustic. Bill said on the way home they all decided they were going to be called the Circuit Breakers.

Bill says he was influenced by a lot of early folk music like the Kingston Trio, Howlin' Wolf Blues, Dylan, and then the Beatles.

Right now the band is working on some original material and hopes to get it recorded after the stay at home social distancing has run its course. They continue to work by phone and video to get things done.

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