As everyone most-likely knows by now, the 2020 Christmas City of the North Parade will be a virtual-only, televised event due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.  And while there are no in-person spectators allowed and there won't be thousands of individuals lining the streets of downtown Duluth, the amended event will bring road closures and traffic advisories in order to allow for the television broadcast.

The Duluth Police Department has issued a Traffic Advisory tied to the Christmas City of the North Parade, for Friday, November 20 - covering the time period between 3:00 PM and 8:30 PM.  The advisory covers a variety of road closures, parking restrictions, and local business access information.  Here are some of the details:

Road closures will commence around 4:30 PM on portions of 5th Avenue West, Harbor Drive, and Railroad Street near the DECC.  These portions of the street will close to traffic to allow parade units to line up for the filming. Parade units arriving for the television broadcast should approach the area eastbound from Garfield Avenue on Railroad Street.  All vehicles not associated with the parade are discouraged from using Railroad Street during this time.  These closures are expected to be lifted by 8:30 PM.

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The Duluth Police are also advising that there will be no parking on Harbor Drive or Railroad Street after 3:00 PM on Friday, November 20.  Any vehicles found in violation will be tagged and towed.

Local business access will be provided - albeit via altered access points.  Drivers wanting to access Canal Park or Minnesota Point need to do so from Lake Avenue.  No pedestrian or vehicle access between  Canal Park and the DECC area will be available during the parade time. Drivers who want to access the DECC, Lakes 10 Theater, Pier B Resort, or other Railroad Street businesses will only be able to do form 5th Avenue West; businesses on Railroad Street - including Pier B Resort - will also remain accessible from Garfield Avenue throughout the road closure time.

All traffic which accesses the area around Railroad Street from 5th Avenue West will be directed westbound on Railroad Street to Garfield Avenue to exit during the parade set-up.  Visitors to the Lake Superior Aquarium will not be allowed access to the Aquarium parking lot starting at approximately 4:30 PM.  The COVID-19 Testing Site located behind the DECC will not be accessible by vehicle - starting at 4:30 PM and no other vehicles should be parked on Harbor Drive after 3:00 PM.

As a general reminder, the Duluth Police Department suggests slowing down and exercising caution in the area,  Driver should remain alert in the DECC and Canal Park areas, alert for no parking signs, and use caution.

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