Every Wednesday I take my son Sam to Dance Class at Stacey's School Of Dance, before we go, Sam and all his dance friends get together every week to eat somewhere. This week we ate at McDonald's, wait till you hear this.

Sam and I ordered and I went to pay with my credit card, but the card stripe on the back was kind of worn off and wouldn't work. After trying to pay time after time, the manager said, tonight we have you. I couldn't believe it!! I couldn't accept it, so I tried to borrow money from a friend to pay for the meal, and they wouldn't accept it.

So, I asked if they were still accepting love, I hugged the woman that waited on me, and I hugged the manager. I think they were as shocked as I was to get the free meal.

It was a pleasant surprise in the middle of an upsetting and embarrassing situation.

Here I am folks at London Road McDonald's, Thank You!!!