This week I found out I lost my NWA Seal after I retired from doing weather for years on a TV station. I know, I said, What?

Ok, so the story starts with an email that says they want to take away my seal for the National Weather Association. What does that mean? Well, you aren't weather certified anymore. Who knew you had to have some certification. Nicole (the person at the NWA) emailed me as you can see below. You can't just give the weather.

So, when you curse the weather person on tv, know this, they had to do a lot of work in order to not get the fact that it is going to rain today. Besides weather in Duluth and Superior has to be really hard because you can't predict what the lake will do to what you are forecasting.

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The NWA says this about having a Seal. The program started in 1982 and there is 379 seal holding weathercasters. Believe it or not, there are no seal holders in the Duluth/Superior area. I wonder why that is. Remember you don't have to be a seal holder to give the weather, we have meteorologists. That takes some schooling.

You can't just apply for a Seal from the NWA, you do have to apply, and you have to have a job on radio or tv, so not anyone can be one, and they do monitor if you are still on tv or radio as you can see by the letter to me.


chris allen
chris allen

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