RAIN played the DECC Symphony Hall last night and I was there with my son Sam, who is a huge Beatles fan. On the way to the venue, we played all of our favorite Beatles tunes to get in the mood and brush up on our harmonies. Once the show started we were cast back in time.

The band starts the show with minimal equipment and in the old Beatle gray. They played early hits by the moptops. Sam and I sang at the top of our lungs and did that while they played clips in between sets to let you know what is happening at that time in the world. It was also for costume changes. They came back in the sharp black suits, then changed to the Shea Stadium tan coats. Played all the music up to Rubber Soul and Revolver eras.

They took an intermission and came back in their Sgt Pepper outfits. Neither Sam nor I are big Sgt Pepper fans, we like some, but in order to celebrate the 50th year they played a lot from that era. Then they changed again to the Abby Road era which got the crowd up and clapping.

They came on for an encore and played Hey Jude and had the crowd singing and ended the show on high energy. They were very good and had Sam and I smiling singing on the way out of the show. Here's our review.

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