Halloween 2021 has come and gone and thankfully we did not get slammed with a massive snow storm like 30 years ago. But what do you do with your carved pumpkins that are starting to rot and getting all mushy? Unless you have a composting pile in your yard many people will toss them in a garbage bag and put in a garbage can where they will end up in a landfill and take a long time to disintegrate.

Instead you can have them recycled by students at the UMD Land Lab. According to WDIO: "Students in Assistant Professor Teresa Bertossi’s Environment & Sustainability class will hold a pumpkin compost drive on Friday, November 5 through Sunday, November 7."

But please do not just drive up to the campus and drop them off. The pumpkins are to be dropped off at specific dumpsters on the campus. They are located at two different spots on the campus. There will be a dumpster at the Bagley Nature Center, at 631 W St Marie Street, and one in the Maroon Lot B, by the Darland Administration Building.

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They do ask that you please remove any candles or lights from inside the pumpkins. The students will use the pumpkins to create compost at the Land Lab and it will help save the Lab some money in the process. So make sure to round up all those pumpkins and get them over to the campus because it is only going on for this weekend!

Don't wait to long and grab a rotten pumpkin only to make a giant mess. I remember when my kids were little and we waited too long and they were not only mush, but they had slugs in them too. Gross! My friends and I made up a pumpkin time line that by November 7 all pumpkins no matter what the weather are a shrunken droopy mess.

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