Once winter arrives, a favorite Northland activity is to get outside and build a snowman. Kids embrace this tradition, often seeing just how big they can make their creation, but it can even better when it's a family affair.

A  Milltown, Wisconsin family has been known to build giant snowmen, but even they were impressed by just how big their snowman is this winter. Not surprisingly, it took a lot of teamwork.

According Fox 9, Craig Carlson's family first started making giant snowmen during the winter of 2019-2020 when Milltown challenged businesses in the community to a Christmas decorating contest. Carlson Construction, took first place with a 19-foot snowman.

The next year, the family, who runs a family-owned construction business, built a 32-foot snowman. While that was certainly a head turner, the family made a New Year's Eve decision to go even bigger and construction began on a snowman that would ultimately stand over 40-feet tall once you include the top hat.

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You may wonder where does he get all the snow for such a massive project. The simple answer is he networked with nearby businesses to collect and use snow plowed off their parking lots. Then, using construction equipment to lift the snow, Carlson, his sons, and other friends and family used plywood to make molds for the snow, utilizing three separate pieces about 14 feet high apiece, they built a 40-foot tall, solid snow structure with a four-foot, homemade top hat on top.

The arms of the snowman are made out of actual trees, the smile is made out of saw blades and the pipe is made out of a five-gallon bucket. Needless to say, this has become a popular attraction in the area.

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If you'd like to visit this impressive snowman, Milltown, Wisconsin is about a two-hour drive from the Duluth/Superior area, just south of the Danbury area. If you do make the trip, the Carlson family is accepting donations to give to the local community club. They are raising money for a fireworks show next year in honor of their 75th anniversary.

Fox 9 - TV
Fox 9 - TV

The Carlson family says it doesn't feel like work building this because they enjoy it so much. In fact, they're already looking forward to next winter and an even bigger snowman!

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