There is an important change in effect for customers of Hartel's DBJ who leave yard waste out at their receptacle.  Effective immediately, any extra paper bags of yard waste that is left outside of the usual cart must be considered "paper compostable".  In other words, brown paper shopping bags from grocery stores will not be acceptable as a container for yard waste - moving forward.

The change is immediate and is in effect moving forward.

Customers who have extra yard waste that doesn't fit in the cart - and needs to be left out beside the container - must now be packed in an approved brown paper bag that is paper compostable.  These style of bags are available for sale at a variety of local hardware stores - including some of the "big box" hardware stores.  You can also buy them from a wide variety of online sources.

For more details about this change and for any other trash and recyclable questions, click here to visit Hartel DBJ's website.

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