You'll want to double-check where you're going to vote the next time you head to the polls in Superior.  Effective with the next election (coming in the spring of 2022), the results of the recent redistricting will be in place.  The changes in districts and polling locations represents one of the biggest shifts in recent decades.

The changes were adopted by the Superior City Council on October 19.  Every district in Superior saw changes based on the decline in population seen over the last ten years.

By law, the districts need to be readdressed every ten years. An article in the Superior Telegram explains:

"Redrawing political boundaries to account for shifts in population is required by federal and state constitutional and statutory provisions.  It happens every ten years following the decennial census.  The least populous district must be within 10% of the most populous district.  Superior's deviation is 6.3%."

In making the changes, the City Clerk's office also tries to balance the changes to be fair across the board.  Superior City Councilor Keith Kern offered his appreciation:  "I want to commend the clerk's department for all the work that they did.  This is a map that took into consideration every one of the representatives that sit up here.  I think it's a very fair map that we can use for the next ten years."

That said, the redistricting will bring some hard changes for many.

Many residents will find themselves represented by a new city councilor.  Additionally, those same residents will also need to head to a different polling location when they go to vote in the next election.

Nick Cooper - TSM Duluth
Nick Cooper - TSM Duluth

At the same time, there will be changes at the City Council level for the 9th District - and potentially in the future for the 8th District.  With the changes in place, two city councilors now find themselves residing in the same district:  Keith Kern - who currently represents District 9 and Craig Sutherland, the current councilor for District 8.  When Kern's term expires in April, he won't be able to run as the incumbent for District 9. Sutherland will continue to serve as the councilor of record for District 8 until his term is up in 2023.

With all of the changes, the city anticipates that residents will have questions - especially regarding their polling places (where they'll go to vote).  Official letters will be sent to residents from the city informing them of any polling place location changes.  Additionally, there are also plans to set up a website that residents can double-check as well.

Superior, WI city limits road sign with population
Nick Cooper - TSM Duluth

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