Halloween is just around the corner in the Northland and we all want to celebrate. However, this year, because of the pandemic, things will look a little bit different.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released some guidelines for the holiday, including the risk level for popular Halloween activities. According to their release, many Halloween activities "can be high-risk for spreading viruses."

While this isn't a complete shock, it is still a huge bummer to hear it out loud. You don't have to frown just yet, though. There are still some Halloween activities you can take part in this year. According to the CDC, things like decorating your home with ghosts and goblins, carving pumpkins and having a scary movie night with your family are just fine.

So what about things that are not advised this Halloween with the pandemic? The CDC says, for starters, trick-or-treating is okay, as long as precautions are taken. They suggest "one-way" trick-or-treating, where those taking part can grab a piece of candy and go and social distance from others that are out. This falls under the "moderate risk" category.

Other activities that fall under the "moderate risk" category include having a small outdoor party, having a costume party where everyone wears a mask and social distances, going to an outdoor haunted attraction that works one-way and still has groups maintaining a safe distance from others and visiting a pumpkin patch. In case your curious, a mask that goes along with your costume does not take the place of an actual mask.

Sadly, there are a bunch of events that are not advised by the CDC. That list includes traditional trick-or-treating, attending costume parties, going to an indoor haunted attraction, riding a tractor with people that aren't in your household and traveling somewhere to attend a Halloween-themed function. All of the activities mentioned are considered "high-risk" amid the pandemic.

While this is definitely a bummer, no one should be surprised, as the pandemic is still in full swing. If we all follow the guidelines laid out by the CDC, we will hopefully be able to return to normal sooner rather than later.

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