Better check the drawer or butcher block in your kitchen where you keep your knives - even if it's been ten years or so since you last bought them;  Calphalon has issued a recall on one of their popular lines of knives due to safety concerns.

The knives in question are the Calphalon Contemporary line - made between August 2008 and December 2016.  At risk is the potential for the handle and the blade to break apart from each other.

The specific model numbers affected by the recall are as follows:

  • 1808008
  • 1808009
  • 1821332
  • 1922890
  • 1922971
  • 1922976
  • 1932810
  • KNR0005C
  • KNR0007C
  • KNR10045C
  • KNR4008C
  • KNSR002C
  • KNSR0102C

If you own one of the knives in question, you're directed to click here to obtain a Return Kit.  Once you have the kit, mail in your knives and Calphalon will send you replacements.

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