As a life-long record collector, I'm well aware of "fake" souvenirs that make the rounds for sale - especially online.  I've seen "autographed" copies of albums that were released posthumously;  Tickets for concerts that never could have happened.  That's why a recent listing on a popular online auction site really didn't surprise me.

The listing had a "record plaque" from country singer Miranda Lambert for sale.  Without even closely scrutinizing this listing, it's very apparent that while the plaque features a Miranda Lambert CD on it, the "creative" maker of this souvenir accidentally used a Kelly Clarkson picture as well.

Authentic record plaques can attain high selling prices - at times well over a thousand dollars.  While the seller wasn't quite asking that much (At the time of this article, the bids were around $50), I really wonder who would pay that much for an obvious fake?

Lesson  to the story - if you're in the market for music merchandise and souvenirs, pay close attention to what you're really buying.