A busy South Superior intersection that is well-known for being difficult to navigate is going to get traffic signals.  Officials with the Wisconsin Department of Transportation have announced their plans to install traffic signals - along with other improvements - at the intersection of Tower Avenue and North 61st Street.  Timeline for the project is scheduled for 2020.

For the last few decades, residents of Superior - and especially South Superior - have lobbied for a controlled intersection at that spot.  Drivers who are on North 61st Street have a difficult time crossing or turning onto Tower Avenue; left-turning vehicles sometimes wait very long periods of time for an opening to make their move - while cars pile up waiting for their turn.  And while the property-owners that surround the intersection have done their due-diligence to incorporate safety elements into their property designs, the increasing amount of commercial traffic has added to the traffic density in the area.

According to news sources, WISDOT will also add railroad gates and arms to the track that crosses just to the south of the intersection along with time-control-elements to make sure that the lights correspond to train traffic.



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