Bridgeman's Restaurant used their Facebook page to unveil a new toy that has been added to their arsenal which will make their awesome ice cream even more accessible across the Northland.

Behold the Bridgeman's Ice Cream Truck:

I remember growing up in Duluth that every once in awhile on a summer day me and my friends would be playing outside and we'd hear that unmistakable music.  You know the sound, right?  That light, music box-like tune that every kid relishes. The music that makes kids run faster than an Olympic sprinter into the house see what's in their piggybank or if their parents could quickly give them some money.

I can't stress the word "quickly" enough because the unmistakable music that I'm writing about, of course, is the very cheerful music from the ice cream truck and if you didn't move fast, it could pass right on by.

Back when I was a kid, you'd run up to the ice cream truck and fork over whatever the cost for a random pre-packaged treat.  Would it be the waffle cone drum stick this time? Perhaps an orange dreamsicle push-up pop is the ticket on this blessed day? Do I have enough for two?!

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Those were fun days, especially since you never really knew when the ice cream truck would pay your neighborhood a visit.  On second thought, maybe there was some sort of pattern but as kids there was no real sense of day of time, especially in the summer.

As fun as it was, the quality of ice cream was not the quality of Bridgman's ice cream, so wherever their truck ends up this summer and beyond, it'll be worth every effort to be there. I better ask my mom for money now so I'm ready.

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