It's common for wedding guests to be treated to a meal and alcoholic beverages, but catering fees and all the other expenses that go into putting a wedding together can add up to a rather expensive day.

One of the difficult decisions a couple typically has to decide on is whether or not to provide an open bar, which can be quite pricey.

On Reddit, one bride-to-be explained she decided to keep everyone at her upcoming celebration supplied with unlimited alcohol by charging each guest a fee.

She shared that she and her partner plan to charge guests a "mandatory" $10 donation to their honeymoon or new house fund, plus a $5 tip to the bartender, to keep the booze flowing.

"So when you go to get your first drink you pay $15 total and the rest of the night is all FREE ... no tips required unless you want to tip the bartender again," she wrote, noting that her family told her she "shouldn't make anyone put money" toward her honeymoon.

The bride-to-be added that she and her partner are paying for the entire wedding themselves with no help.

"I think it’s fair and fine. And I don't see anyone complaining," she added. "If they don’t like it then obviously they won’t be drinking."

The bride-to-be's post was met with mixed reactions in the comments section, with some praising her for the savvy hack while others shamed her for charging guests.

"So $15 towards the honeymoon, and I can drink as much alcohol as I want? Why are people complaining? Whose wedding is this? I want to be invited," one person wrote.

"So it's a cash bar. Just call it what it is. If they are paying, it's not free. And of course, you are paying for the whole wedding yourself no help. That's how it works honey. Get a grip," another user commented.

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