With the challenging times we are experiencing, here's another way to be safe and to gather safely with friends.

Everyone is invited to the Blessing of the Bikes at Bird's Bar to kick off the Biker's Night (the sign on the top of the building says Les Birds on Tower Ave). Every Wednesday. Fred and Gail Thiel, and Pat and Dorrie Meyer will be there to bless anything on wheels. Superior Mayor Jim Paine will be there, If you have a car, bicycle, ATV, 4 wheeler, minibike, or anything else you can ride, drop by to get it blessed.

The organizers want everyone to know this is a safe event, you drive in your vehicle get blessed and drive out, then you park safely distancing. This is mostly an outdoor event for bikers to ride, get together, and socialize. Masks are.encouraged for this event.

The event takes place from 6 pm to 9 pm. The Blessing is only tonight June 17th, but the bike night will go on every Wednesday during the summer.

Bikers for Boobs will be there with merchandise to fundraise for Breast Cancer. There will be raffles, 50/50 drawings, music, games, and door prizes.

Stay Safe When Riding,Jon Williamson says these are the keys for group riding, especially with some of the charity rides coming up.

  • Make sure everyone knows where they are going, Meet before you ride.
  • Be organized when you leave, who is going is what order
  • Be ready to go, Gas up, have necessities in your bags or person.
  • Don't drive to close together, if anything should happen and you aren't paying attention it could spell disaster.
  • Don't show off! That could also get you in trouble if it goes wrong or with the law then it's hard to hold the bike rides.
  • Keep safety in mind at all times.

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