One of the sure signs of summer in the Northland:  Orange cones!  Drivers who use the Blatnik Bridge can expect to see a lot of them - three weeks worth - in July.

As part of MNDOT's annual inspection that takes place on the structure, the Blatnik Bridge will see lane closures during the daytime hours (9:00 AM - 3:00 PM) July 10-July 27.  The Superior-bound side will see a lane closure from July 10 to approximately July 18. Then, the scope of the project will switch sides to the Duluth-bound side from approximately July 19 to the close of the work.

In addition to the daytime lane closure, speed will be reduced on the bridge to 45 MPH and a width restriction of 10-feet will be in place;  vehicles or trailers that need a wider width need to use the Bong Bridge.

As with most road projects, the exact timeline is dependent on the weather.

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