The summer road construction season is upon us.  While we're probably all used to seeing orange cones and work zones during the warmer months here in the Twin Ports, it does seem like 2021 is especially busy.  That's noticeably true when looking at the I-35 corridor, the bridges, and - of course - the Twin Ports Interchange (or Can of Worms) project - where drivers are in the middle of a multitude of multi-year road work that will be nice when its all done.

It's that I-35 corridor and bridge area one bridge in particular - that officials with the Minnesota Department of Transportation are working ahead to get the word out.  A temporary, one-day routine inspection project will close a lane of the Blatnik Bridge to traffic on Monday, July 12.  MNDOT is alerting drivers that the right-hand lane on the southbound side will be closed to all vehicular traffic between 9:00 AM and 3:00 PM, weather permitting.  The closure will allow a work crew the opportunity to perform the inspection.

Additionally, there will be a reduction in speed for the lanes that remain open.  The Minnesota Department of Transportation is reporting that the work zone around the inspection will be reduced to 45 miles per hour.  MNDOT encourages drivers to use extreme caution while driving through the work area and be aware of changing conditions.

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To get full details about this particular road project or any of the work coordinate throughout the state by the Minnesota Department of Transportation, visit their website.  MNDOT maintains up-to-the-minute traffic details and all sorts of traffic-related resources.

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