A series of bicycling events that highlight the cross-border beauty of our region has been put together through a partnership of both Minnesota and Canadian individuals.  Throughout the summer a number of event-rides will take place throughout the Arrowhead region - the first of which will happen Saturday, July 20 on the Iron Range.

The McCarthy Beach ride will take participants on a 15-mile journey from the State Park, through the wetlands and boreal forests of Side lake, eventually ending up on the Taconite Trail.  The ride starts at 9:00 AM with a gathering at McCarthy Beach. Organizers are listing the skill level required as moderate to easy.

Later in the summer, a variety of dates have been planned for more rides.  Some will occur in the metro Duluth area, while others will take participants to the Mesabi Trail, Grand Portage, even International Falls. Click here for more information on the program and for a complete schedule up future bike events.

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