If it's too good to be true, it usually is. Most Scams could be avoided if you pay attention to the little things and this is one of them.

First, we will start with the scam. Someone shared a post that supposedly Walmart put on Facebook and other social media that they were going to go completely plastic bag-free. To celebrate, they were giving away their mesh bags full of little goodies if you shared the post. Some posts say $75 in vouchers.

Here's the first part that should make you know it's a scam. How is Walmart gonna know it was you that shared it. They don't have software to find all the people that shared that post, they will never know. Remember the post that said Microsoft would give a free laptop to all that forwarded the email? This is the same.

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Second, Fox Business pointed this out. It was posted from a fake account and the account has a fake Walmart logo (which you would have to look close) and doesn't have a blue checkmark that signifies when a brand or company is verified (which most people don't know, so we will let that slip, but now you know). When looking closely, there are over 27,000 people who follow the page, so we now know 27,000 people that don't know about the verified account or the real logo.

Consumer Affairs says Walmart set up an impressive page of frequently asked questions and most things to look for when you think you might see a scam that impacted them or their customers. They include social media scams, gift card scams, mystery shopper scams, and in-store survey scams.

If you see something you suspect is a scam, and it's including Walmart. you can check on their website with the list of frauds and scams they are aware of. The company says there are new ones all the time and if you think you are at a fake site or see a fake post email Walmart at onlineabuse@walmart.com with the scam attached or include the website so they can alert others and also try and get it taken down.

The last thing, if the email isn't from a Walmart email then it's not them. If you think it's a scam, send it to the company they will handle it.

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