The Better City Superior initiative gained traction as a bill to create an Exposition District - complete with taxation benefits - made it through an initial approval process; it now advances to a full vote by the senate for approval.

Officially known as Senate Bill 157, the proposed legislation would create the district in Superior - to allow for convention, entertainment, and tourism  construction.  To fund the improvements, it would also allow a food, beverage, and room tax up to a maximum of 2% - pending voter approval.  Any added taxes would sunset once the initial financial obligations for any improvements were met.

A senate vote on this bill is expected to occur on March 24 - the final fay of the current session.  This past fall, a companion bill was advanced in the assembly, but the session ended before a vote could be made.

The Better City Superior initiative has been working since 2013 to find ways to encourage tourism and entertainment growth in the city.

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