Some day, the world is bound to run out of cool and interesting Beatles memorabilia to auction off. But in the meantime, it looks like the very first copy of 'The White Album' to ever be pressed to vinyl is about to find a new home.

Dangerous Minds offers an in-depth look at the story behind the upcoming auction, which will place 'White Album' copy number A0000001 on the block. As the article notes, it wasn't so long ago that collectors assumed A0000001 either didn't exist or was permanently residing in a former Beatle's personal vault. But as it turns out, it's been in the possession of Fab Four superfan David Mincks, who purchased it in 1989.

Mincks obtained the LP from fellow collector Clifford J. Yamasaki, proprietor of Let It Be Records in San Francisco, along with a letter explaining the story behind the vinyl. "It is one of approximately two dozen copies given out as early promotional items to the Beatles and top Capitol Records executives," reads part of the letter. "I purchased said copy from one of the above executives in the early 1970s. Said executive was head of the classical division at Capitol Records."

The Dangerous Minds post goes on to note that in late 2012, another early 'White Album' pressing (number A0000023) was sold for nearly $14,000, so you can bet this auction is going to end with a lot of zeros in the purchase price; in fact, the opening bid has been set at $10,000. If that isn't too rich for your blood, you can join the fray at the auction site here.

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