Boaters looking to sneak in a little more time on the water this season will want to know about a launch site closure in Superior.

The City of Superior is alerting users of the boat launch site that's located on Barkers Island about a temporary week-long closure.  The boat launch will be closed to all users from Monday, October 3 through Friday, October 7.

The reason for the temporary closure is for maintenance.  While the boat launch is closed off, crews with the City of Superior will work to prepare the site and repave the parking lot.

Boating enthusiasts wanting to cast off on the Wisconsin side can rest easy; Superior is home to a couple of boat launch sites.  The closest one to the Barkers Island area - and the one that the city is recommending for use - is the Loon's Foot Boat Launch, that's located a little further east on Highway 2, right behind the Kwik Trip at 3027 East 2nd Street.

Here is a rundown of all of the boat launches available for use in Superior - including the aforementioned two:

  • Arrowhead Boat Launch:  located at the west end of the city off of Belknap Street
  • Barkers Island Boat Launch:  located off of Highway 2 and Marina Drive
  • Loon's Foot Landing Boat Launch:  located off Highway 2 on 30th Avenue East
  • North 21st Street Boat Launch:  located on the west end of the city off of North 21st Street
  • Woodstock Bay Landing:  located at the end of North 28th Street.  The city categorizes this one as a "primitive" landing, non-motorized only, available for kayak launches.

At each of these sites, the docks are installed in the spring when the Superior Parks, Recreation, and Forestry Department determines that the conditions are appropriate; the docks are then removed in the late fall when weather conditions dictate.

City officials anticipate that the work on the Barkers Island Boat Launch will be done by the targeted time.  However, a variety of factors can affect the work - including the weather.

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