Authorities continue their investigation into the accident that took the life of a 64-year old man at Fraser Shipyards in Superior.  The incident that occured on December took the life of a Waterford, Wisconsin man who was working as a welder at the industrial campus in Superior's north end industrial district.

Foul play is not suspected.

According to police reports and the story in the Superior Telegram, the employee died following a 50-foot drop from the ship he was working on.  The call came midday.  Initial lifesaving efforts were taken, but the victim was eventually "pronounced dead at the scene".

Initial investigations by the police aren't believed to turn up any deviance.  The authorities involved expressed their sympathies and wishes for the family in a release.  That message said "We extend our heartfelt condolences to the worker's family and friends for their loss".

The accident and death is the second fatal incident for the shipyard in five years.  The Telegram shares:

"Welder Joseph Burch died of sepsis after he was burned in a workplace incident aboard the docked freighter Roger Blough at Fraser in 2017.  [In that case, t]he Occupational Safety and Health Administration concluded that Burch was wearing frayed coveralls and not provided with fire-retardant gear as he washed old welds using an oxygen-acetylene torch in a cargo hold."

One year later - in 2018 - Fraser Shipyards was involved in a civil court settlement.  "[A] group of 60 workers received a $7.5 million" settlement related to being exposed to "dangerous levels of lead" a few years prior.  And in 2019, the company "paid a penalty of more than $9,000" when an employee was "struck by falling steel plates".

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