I'm a skeptic.  I don't believe much of anything I hear from other people;  It usually takes me personally consuming the story from a valid news source before I attach any validity to it.  So even though I knew that it had to be a viral rumor, I was surprised over the weekend to hear three different people - at three different venues - relate to me their die-hard belief that there were serious plans to stop making Dr. Pepper after this summer.

Really?  Have we stooped to such a level in our society that we just randomly believe anything that gets passed around on social media and through the old "telephone game?

The story goes that Dr. Pepper was recently purchased by the Coca Cola company and  that they didn't want the non-cola soda to eat into their profit center.  Most of the stories center on "summer 2016" as the last date Dr. Pepper will be bottled.

It only takes a brief search to discover that there is no truth to any of this.  (Surprise, surprise!)  Dr. Pepper has not been purchase by Coca Cola and it is in no danger of ceasing to exist.

I've written about these sort of stories before.  We need to stop being gullible.  If something sounds far-fetched or too good to believe, it probably is!