There are a few movies that are made that take place or are themed around Christmas, are they a holiday movie?

Do you remember THE REF, a movie that Denis Leary stars in about a burglar who has to fake being a psychiatrist in order to avoid being caught by the police? It's set at Christmas, is it a Christmas movie?

REINDEER GAMES-Ben Affleck robs a casino in order to stay alive and finds out he has been double-crossed. It is set during Christmas, Ben even dresses in a Santa suit. Is this a Christmas movie?

29TH STREET- The true story of New York's first lottery winner. It is set on Christmas Eve, even though you hear the main character's life story. Is this a Christmas movie?

JACK FROST- Michael Keaton is a singer in a band who have to try out for a record contract on Christmas, when tragedy strikes, he is in a car crash and dies, then comes back as a snowman. Another Christmas classic?

Shari and I look at what other movies could be, or not!


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