People living in Duluth are encouraged to apply to serve on a citizens’ Lakewalk Task Force, which the Duluth City Council approved during Monday’s council meeting. The task force will review and make recommendations following some issues in the East side of town.

The Task Force will look more closely at 19th Ave East through 25th Ave East and help make decisions in the following areas:

· Safety concerns at the corner of the Lakewalk, Water Street, and 23rd Ave East.

· Pedestrian access to the lakefront

· Accessibility for individuals with disabilities

Then the task force will look at costs, benefits, and potential funding sources for potential options and will present its findings and recommendations to the Duluth City Council. The target date for completion of the group’s work is January 15, 2015.

If this sounds like something you would like to do or you live in the area and want to be more hands on with your area, send an e-mail to City Council President Linda Krug ( by Wednesday, September 3rd. Include the following information:

- Name

- Address

- Contact information

- The ways in which you make use of the Lakewalk (for example, bicyclist, jogger, walker, etc.)

- A brief (one paragraph) statement summarizing your reasons for wishing to serve on the Task Force and what you could contribute to the work of the group.

This information is now available on the city’s website by clicking here