Applebee's is in the holiday spirit!

Their monthly drink deal is here and it's definitely festive! For the entire month of December, you can sip on the Dollar Jolly.

The Dollar Jolly is a twist on one of your favorite candies. You guessed it - the Jolly Rancher! You can choose to have your drink modeled after one of two flavors: cherry or green apple.

The two flavors were likely chosen because they help you channel the holidays. It doesn't get more festive than green and red, after all.

The chilly treat is served in a glass and made with vodka and the flavor mix of your choosing.

The drink is topped off with an actual Jolly Rancher. The best part is that it rings in at just one buck.

The special drink deal for November was modeled after a famous Super Bowl commercial. Two words: dilly dilly.

I like that Applebee's is getting really creative with the drinks lately, concocting creations that correlate with big holidays. For example, in October they came up with the "Dollar Zombie" which was a spooky drink topped off with a gummy brain.


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