The latest thing is some scammers or robocalls are using VoIP to call you, and they can choose the number they use, so you will pick up.

It's easy to set up.  The FCC says there are VoIP services you can use so you don't even need a phone. Sometimes you can use your phone to call a VoIP internet service to make a phone call and some of the VoIP services let you pick the number you are calling from, sometimes you can't, but then people can't see where you are calling from, and sometimes you can choose that too.

Using a VoIP service allows these scammers to use phone service for free and call anyone anywhere and not have the call be traced. There is software scammers use to record you or to have a bunch of numbers banked and be able to call anyone in any country.

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Webopedia says VoIP stands for “voice over IP” or “voice over internet protocol.” What it means is you don't need a phone anymore to make calls. If there is anyone that has Gmail, you can call from Gmail even if you don't have a phone. All you need is someone's number and the service will call. They use a VoIP service.

Back in the wired phone days, you had to have a wired phone call, now you can connect with the internet and it will digitally turn your voice into numbers to be interpreted at the other end into voice. Some cell phones will be able to decode so you can tell if you are getting a VoIP call, some can't.

A lot of the scammers and robocall sellers are using VoIP now so be careful how you answer, they can record you a lot easier now. I get 2 to 3 VoIP calls a day trying to sell me extended warranties or timeshare vacations.

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