I don't get to run in the mornings very often because I'm on the B105 Morning Show, so while on vacation I decided to take advantage of it.  We parked at Bayfront Festival park on a warm sunny day.  I felt good, was relaxed and enjoying the beauty of Lake Superior when out of the blue, I miss stepped and down I went, first time I've ever fallen while running ever!

I know, I know, it's common to trip and fall while running, but I've been running for years and it's never happened to me.  We had just come across the bridge by Pier B and was rounding the back of Bayfront Festival Park when I dragged the toe of my right foot.  It all happened so fast!  Before I knew it, while on the prestine sidewalk between Bayfront Festival Park and the Aquarium I staggered to big steps and put my arms out in front of me to catch myself.

Lucky for me I am verse with the dive you use in volleyball, so I used that method.  My hands hit first (no road rash there, but my palms were numb for hours afterwards).  My right knee hit HARD and I remember thinking do something to protect the other knee so I twisted my body, which only meant that with my momentum, I got road rash on my left shoulder and a huge bruise on my left hip.  My husband immediately was over the top of me asking if I was ok.  I remember thinking that the sky behind his head was a beautiful azure blue, when I told him that, he thought I had hit my head, lol.  Oh, and I wondered if I had landed in goose poop.

Thank you to the two people on bicycles that immediately came to my side (they thought I had had a heart attack) and asked if they could help in any way.  I asked for a few minutes to collect myself and do inventory on my bod.  I determined I was able to be mobile and actually got up and ran another mile or two.  Yup, I sucked it up, buttercup.  But the blood dripping down my leg was distracting and my knee was beginning to feel wonky because it was swelling, so I opted to walk back to the car.

I can't believe at my age I have a huge scab on my knee, but it just proves that no one is immune to a fall (even if you've run for years and it's never happened).  But, don't let that deter you, just be cautious and forge forward....carefully.

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