A reassessment of property values has resulted in a claim for property tax refund from a Superior-based business.  Synthetic-motor oil manufacturer Amsoil is looking for a refund from the City of Superior in the amount of $22,091 based off a recalculation that was spurred by the Wisconsin Department of Revenue.

According to new sources, Amsoil's combined properties in Superior are valued at just a little under $11.2 million; based off of that assessment, Amsoil paid $238,221.31 in property taxes for 2018. However, a reassessment lowered the value of Amsoils two properties in Superior by roughly $650,000 - which the company claims should result in a refund for their overpayment.

City leaders suggest that with parcels valued as high as those in question and the unique nature of the properties, tax disputes aren't uncommon.  In a comment to the Superior Telegram, Superior Mayor Jim Paine offered: "Our disagreement with Amsoil over their assessment goes back several years.  These claims are relatively common. The city makes mistakes from time to time, especially on unique properties like this."

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