With the number of shows the Allman Brothers Band play every year, it takes something special for a gig to really stand out -- which is exactly what the Brothers have planned for this year's Peach Music Festival.

The 2013 Peach Festival, which will mark the second-annual outing of the event planned and headlined by the band, is set to take place Aug. 15-18 at Montage Mountain in Scranton, Pa., with a jam-friendly lineup that includes the Black Crowes, Bob Weir's RatDog and the Dirty Dozen Brass Band, as well as appearances by Allman-affiliated acts like Gov't Mule and Jaimoe's Jassz Band.

Drummer Butch Trucks, who told ABC Radio News that the Allmans are "looking for really bigger things" from this year's festival, explained that Montage Mountain is an ideal spot for the action. "The second stage is in a water park," Trucks pointed out, "so you got half of the audience standing in a wave pool, grooving and listening to the music, and everybody else is coming down water slides."

Not everyone takes advantage of the added aquatic dimension; some fans "actually just stand there dry in front of the stage and listen to the music." No matter how you take in the show, Trucks promises something "really cool."

Tickets and more information are available at the Peach Music Festival website.

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