Mike went to school in the Northwest. He spent time singing all styles and learned the correct way to sing, all on a scholarship, but what led him to country music?

Mike says he heard the band Alabama and that changed his life. He was attracted to the vocals, and why not, that's his specialty. Wynonna Judd and the Judds music was next to catch his ear. So, he hatched this idea to go to the music city and try and be the next Elvis.

He arrived in Nashville with $200 dollars in his pocket and within a week, had a place to live, an internship at RCA Records (where Elvis and the Judds were signed to) and job. He began writing songs about what he knew best, love, small towns, and life.

He did move away from Nashville eventually, and now resides in Texas and says he had to quit doing music in order to do it better. He says the satisfaction had left and his inspiration had to come back, and that's when he discovered who Mike Schikora was and how he could write to tell his stories instead of what he thought record labels wanted. He also slowed down with how much music he put out by doing less music in order to connect more with them.

Mike is finishing his latest album with another former chart-topping duo called Ballie and the Boys. He says meeting them changed his life and changed his music and taought him how to make it his music again.

Mike and I lived in an apartment together for about 5 years and I have always been a fan and have followed him since I first met him. He has always been able to write great country songs. One time he told me when he wrote a cajun song that his music was going in a different direction. He described his new album the same way, so I am looking forward to hearing it. Thanks Mike for a fun night going back in time and for all your music.

Mike and I talked so much, I had to post up the whole interview, here it is.

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