Karyn Tomlinson is a Twin Cities Chef is one of the main people highlighted in a 30-minute documentary called "A Womans Place" that highlights the inequalities many women face in the male-dominated culinary world. She  shares the screen with Oakland, Calif., chef Marielle Fabie and Seattle butcher Etana Diaz.

Tomlinson used to be a chef at Corner Table restaurant in Minneapolis which permanently closed in July of last year. During the pandemic, Tomlinson has been offering free cooking lessons with her show "Karyn's Quarantine Kitchen" which she posts on her Instagram page.

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According to the Star Tribune: The premise of the film is based on a 2013 Office of U.S. Labor statistic: in the U.S., women account for half of culinary school graduates but hold only 7% of executive chef positions. In a statement the producers said they created the film “with the goal to support and empower emerging women in culinary to bridge the gap as they strive to become leaders in the industry.”

Even though these statistics for the film are from 7 years ago even now so many women in the workforce face this same struggle. That is why a show like this is so important to continue to bring this subject to light. With so many people out of work right now both men and women they are just grateful to still have a job. But hopefully in the future, sooner rather than later equal pay for equal work will be a non issue.

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