Here we go again when someone from a warm Southern state makes some ridiculous comment about Minnesota and how cold it is or isn't here. I get it, even my family in Milwaukee seems to think that Duluth is like the North Pole in the winter. The last time I checked it gets awfully cold in Southern Wisconsin and Lake Michigan shows no mercy either when the wind whips off the lake in the wintertime.

So who is the person shooting their mouth off this time? His name is Anthony "Booger" McFarland who is a retired professional football player and is currently works for ESPN. He seems to have some kind of grudge against Minnesota for some reason because back when the "Minnesota Miracle happened with the Minnesota Vikings were playing against the New Orleans Saints he said it "went against the Vikings" whatever that means.

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Most recently on Tuesday night, some Minnesota Wild fans constructed a 247-foot long snake connected together with beer cups during a 5-2 Wild win over the Coyotes. Bring Me The News reported that Booger said:

This is what happens when you live in Minnesota and it's 2 degrees outside. You have to come up with creative things inside to entertain yourself. You'll never see, in the State of Florida, where it's 75 degrees right now and I'm about to head to the golf course, you will never ever-ever-ever see a snake cup anywhere.

Dude what is your deal anyway. These fans were just having fun no matter what the weather and were celebrating a big Wild win. Plus it was 51 degrees in Minneapolis on Tuesday. And one more thing have you not heard all the crazy stories of what people do in Florida? Yeah, I love to visit there, but I will stay right here in the land of 10,000 lakes the home of cold hands and warm hearts!

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