The office is a very depressing place today as everyone comes to grips with last night's big Vikings loss. It is a huge bummer that we aren't moving on to the Super Bowl. It would have been amazing to see the team play in the big game on our home turf.

But, alas, that isn't happening. I am pretty desperate to make everyone laugh a little or at least crack a smile today. As part of this effort, I have spent a lot of time on YouTube finding some of the funniest videos that are sure to make you happy. (At least until reality sets back in.)

  • 1

    Dad Films Kids Slipping On Ice

    Because no one was seriously injured, it is okay to laugh a little at these kids slipping on ice. The best part about this video is that it was filmed by a father who was picking his kids up from school. While he waited, he captured little ones falling and wobbling all over the place. His laugh will make you laugh and the rest is history.

  • 2

    A Well-Dressed Monkey Kicks It In IKEA

    Yes, this is a real thing that happened. This news package is full of puns and jokes and it seems the biggest concern of all is about the type of jacket the monkey is wearing. The cutie is safe and sound but we are all better for knowing him and his amazing faux-fur jacket.

  • 3

    Military Members Reunite With Their Loved Ones

    Nothing makes me more emotional than seeing military members reuniting with their family. It seems they usually sneak home and surprise everyone in a big way which means the reactions are bigger and more tears are shed. How can you not smile after watching this compilation?

  • 4

    Students Buy School Janitor A Sweet Gift

    A group of high school students put their money together so they could buy their custodian a new pair of work boots. They said he goes "above and beyond" and wanted to thank him in a special way. His reaction is priceless and you can tell he is touched. Faith in humanity is restored.

  • 5

    Tom Hanks Makes A Couple's Wedding Day

    With everything going on in Hollywood and the world, it is nice to know people like Tom Hanks exist. He was taking a jog in Central Park when he spotted a couple taking wedding photos. He could have flown under the radar but instead, he decided to walk up to the couple and introduce himself. He posed for photos and complimented the bride. He took a selfie and posted it on his Twitter page too. Best. Wedding. Gift. Ever.

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