Everyone says it's the little things that count. getthehotlist has 10 ways to be healthier in your life.

In my experience, I have picked up habits over the years from teachers and coaches in my life. These are all little things that you can do that will help you live a healthier life and thus a longer life. Here is what I have come up with.

Eat an egg. It's protein, and as long as you eat them in moderation, it can be healthy for your body. I was once told by a trainer in Maryland that I should make egg dishes with vegetables in order to keep my diet under control because it provides a lot of vitamins and proteins after a night of fasting for your brain.


Take multi-vitamins. This should be a given, but most people forget to buy a good multi-vitamin. Not everyone eats a diet that will replenish every mineral your body needs. This was something my Grandpa Irv instilled in us too.

Floss. It removes food and particles that your toothbrush can't get. According to waterflosserguide.com 

Brushing your teeth only goes so far as removing the bacterial film from the surface of the teeth. Your toothbrush is not effective enough to clean between your teeth properly. Flossing on the other hand, removes food debris and plaque from tight spaces between the teeth and underneath the gum.

Get outside. Getting outside every day helps your immune system, it releases stress, in my opinion, it gives you clarity. You can combine getting outdoors with an exercise program, walking, running, or any other activities.  According to healthylivingdaily.net

Sunlight allows the body to produce vitamin D. Vitamin D, if you have not heard it enough, it is a major craze for your health. It helps prevent depression, strengthen bones and can reduce the risk of heart disease. Get ten minutes of direct sunlight on your bare skin every day enables your body to supply about 10,000 IU, which is more than enough.

Reduce your stress, find something you enjoy that you can step away from your stress. It could be listening to music, meditation, sitting in quiet, or enjoying a pet or crossword puzzle. Find a hobby or something that you can clear your mind with.


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