There are a few minor things you can do with your finances and you can put more in your pocket right now.

Are you buying lunch, how much would it cost to make your lunch? Can you carpool with a couple of people from work? Do you need to buy the name brand? These are a few things right off the top of my head to help you save money, then you can start looking within.

The key to making it work is just like being on a diet. Don't make yourself have to give up your favorite things. People often say a good diet is one you can buy with a couple of your favorites and still eat less and eat smarter. The same applies here. If you like coffee, find a way to work it into your budget and you won't torture yourself.

Ryan Robinson has some great and fresh ideas to help you with your money.

Adopt the 80/20 budget.

Obviously, you spend most of your budget on the 80% you need. Most people will look at the 20 % they think is frivolous, like buying their flavored coffee. Find a way to spend less on everything, but usually, the 20 % are the stuff you can do without.

Automate your money.

If you need to put away some money, set your online banking to do that or have your employer set it aside. I do that for my son Sam. It comes out, goes right in the account and you don't think about it. When you automate, your check comes, everything comes out and then you know how much you have for a budget.

Buy in bulk

I think everyone knows this. If you can buy a lot of something to make it last, you will save money. That's why Costco and Sam's Club are popular, buy in bulk. That's why people are buying certain things again in bulk.

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Plan financially and create a budget.

Hire a person who can show you how to budget. Get your expenses under control and make a budget. If you can budget you will see where your money is going and you can make cuts that way. You see what doesn't work and you can step in and make it work or get out of it and don't budget for it.

Here's a great video to show some examples.

Buy Used when you can.

This goes for sports equipment and anything. When you can buy used, you will save money. Used items allow you to have them and use them and when you see the benefit of buying new then you can afford to do so.

Try these 5 tips and feel free to share some of your life hacks with me.

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