The Harlem Globetrotters are coming to town on March 29. I am trying to make a spot for me on the team, again.

I had a chance to make the team and tried out with Flip, who came into the studio. I went through the tryouts and failed. So, Flip helped me show you just how bad I am and gave me 5 reasons why I should not be on the team.

Flip said everyone on the team has to know how to spin the ball, so that was my first test. Then he showed me another trick involving my arms, another fail. Then a trick with the ball that I have to use my arms and neck, seemed easy enough, no, it was not. Then something he said was so easy a monkey could do it. It seems like the monkey has one up on me.

Finally, the obvious reason I can not make the team. Wait till you see what it is.

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