Everyone knows Blue Christmas, White Christmas, or We Need A Little Christmas. Bing, Frank, Elvis, Dean, and Barbra, they all sing the songs we know.

R2D2 and C3P0 sing "Sleigh Ride"-This was one of the tunes from the Star Wars Christmas, great movie, terrible Christmas Special. Just goes to show you, not everything can be a hit.

Weird Al Yankovic, from "Bad Hair Day" this is the last song on the album. Done in the style of Soul Asylum and the Kinks. It was released as a single in 1996, "The Night Santa Went Crazy"

"The Chimney Song", by Bob Rivers. Rivers, a Radio Personality, released two Christmas albums both are certified Gold. Released this song when he moved to Seattle.

Porky Pig, doing his version of Blue Christmas. According to Al.com Joe B. Crowe of the Birmingham News, The song was done by voice actor Denny Brownlee on the John Boy and Billy radio show that aired for years in Birmingham on WZRR 99.5 FM.  It's on the "John Boy & Billy Christmas Album," downloadable on iTunes.The "official" artist is "Seymore Swine and the Squealers,"  after Warner Bros. threatened a legal smackdown.

The Weather Girls-"Dear Santa (Bring Me A Man This Christmas)" Normally known for doing disco and dance hits, here they are asking for a man. On the album "Success", the same album with "It's Raining Men", this song was co-written by Paul Schaffer of the CBS Orchestra from David Letterman.

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