Every once in a while I go to Craigslist to see if I can find something unique for sale. Craigslist never disappoints, and here are five items that really stand out against the rest.


  • Craigslist.org

    Leaning Sasquatch Cut Out

    Have you ever wanted to creep out your neighbors or cars that drive by your place? We've got just the thing for you. It's a whole Sasquatch family! The 8 foot one costs $75, the 6 foot is a rock bottom deal at $60, or ease your way into the lifestyle with the 4 foot child version for just $35.00.  Maybe you can get a family deal if you buy all 3.

  • craigslist.org

    Huge Rifle That Doesn't Shoot

    That's a big gun! Except it's not really a gun because it doesn't shoot. This enormous art piece can be yours for the low price of $65!

  • craigslist.org

    '57 Chevy Corded Phone

    Ok, so this one is kinda cool. If you know somebody into cars that still has a landline, maybe this is worth the $25.

  • Craigslit.org

    Pretzel Machine

    Once again, this may not be a bad buy if you're really a fan of pretzels! The seller claims these retail for $800, but it can be yours for just $400. All you need is a hot dog warmer and you've got a concession stand business.

  • craigslist.org

    Wanted: Used Bic Lighters

    This techincally isn't a sale item, but a barter opportunity to get rid of your old bic disposable lighters. This person wants piles of empty disposable lighters and is willing to make a deal. Can someone clue me in to what you do with empty disposable lighters? I'm kind of scared to find out.