Friday night is the 4th of July and Duluth has the best fireworks show in the Midwest, shot over the Harbor, the pyro extravaganza can be seen from multiple angles around town so choose wisely, and Happy Independence Day!

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    Duluth Lake Walk

    I once said Duluth Central would be great, but now it's blocked off, and several people have commented that the Duluth Lake Walk was where they went. You can enjoy vendors on the side, find better places to park and just sit along the water, depending on where you watch.

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    Stretching 25 miles along the brow of Duluth, most tourists still don’t know about it, but the locals do, and this is prime viewing for birds, the lake and especially the fireworks. Pull up a curb for yourself or sit on the rocks. The great part about Skyline Parkway is when the fireworks are over, you can come back and find one of the many trails and explore more.

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    Obviously, the Gazebo can’t hold everyone, bring a little bag with some goodies, a blanket, and a couple of cold drinks and you are set up with some prime viewing of the Duluth Fireworks. The rocks around the Gazebo make for a great spot, I'm including this whole area, you can see Superior's fireworks too.

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    If you get there early you have the fireworks exploding with the Aerial Lift Bridge in the backdrop….or you could be sitting by the water (if you’re on Park Point) on a sandy piece of land. If your pick is Canal Park, get there at 6 pm or sooner.

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    Bayfront Festival Park is home to a variety of events and activities throughout the year. In the winter months, there is ice skating, a holiday lighting display, and the annual Warmer by the Lake event. In the summer, enjoy an exciting array of festivals that feature music and food. Year-round, Play front playground is open to children of all ages. It also hosts all of the 4th of July events. Why wouldn’t it be the number one place to see the fireworks, they shoot them off right above you and the Duluth/Superior Symphony Orchestra plays while you watch.

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