An annual event that brings together community health organizations and professionals is going virtual for this year's edition.  The 3rd annual Bridging Health Duluth event happens Monday, November 16 - from 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM.  As it has been in years past, this event is free and open to the general public.

The theme of this years Bridging Health Duluth event is Shaping A Healthier Community.  Keynote speaker will be Dr. Nanette Negri, who will use the time to explore a mindful approach.  The presentation will be followed by an opportunity to hear updates from Bridging Health Duluth and to network with community partners.

The last two years, the event was held at Clyde Iron Works - bringing together 40 community organizations and more than 100 community members to address the Twin Ports most-pressing health problems. Based on the input from these past events, Bridging Health Duluth has been able to complete the 2019 community health assessment and has built strategies to address community health needs.  At this years event - the virtual event happening November 16 - attendees will learn about accomplishments and learn about new opportunities and build connections to strengthen the collaboration toward improved community health outcomes.

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The event is sponsored by Natural Rural Health Center, the Duluth branch of the NAACP, Essentia Health, St. Louis County Public Health, Generations Health Care Initiatives, Wilderness Health, and Zietgiest.

Bridging Health Duluth is "a coalition of local organizations that have combined resources, skills, and expertise to improve the health of all people in Duluth."  To learn more about their mission, click here to visit their website.

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