Many people in the military come back from duty and don't know how to live as a civilian.

Many say it's like being in a free fall out of a plane. In the military, you are taught to be part of a team, always a team. When a person comes back from active duty you don't work so well by yourself and have to come up with a plan and re-train your brain.

Most people in the military have trained their brains to survive and not to trust anyone. They are trained a different way to react to noise.

That's where 23rd Veteran comes in with their Recon program. Some of the skills taught are fitness, camaraderie, and positive psychology course to actively retrain the brains to live successfully in a civilian society.

The 14-week Reconditioning Program includes:

  • Week-long adventure with Outward Bound
  • 3x week Crossfit and positive psychology
  • Simple daily homework
  • Fireteam accountability
  • Local community experiences

They are looking for people to be a part of this, if you would like to sign up you can do so at the website.

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