The conditions could be in place for large amounts of algae bloom to develop in the waters of Lake Superior.  As the summer progresses towards its second half, researchers at the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources are requesting the help and assistance of private individuals to be their "eyes" as they head out to enjoy our Great Lake.

According to news sources, half of the necessary elements are already in place.  Bob Sterner - who heads up research teams at the Large Lakes Observatory at the University of Minnesota-Duluth has recognized two main factors that allow water bodies to develop cyanobacterial algae blooms:  warm weather conditions and historic rainfalls.  According to Sterner, with our record-setting hot temperatures in June and July, we're already tipping towards algae.  “It’s been a warm year and past blooms have happened in warm years".

While researchers believe they've identified the elements that are needed for water bodies to host these algae blooms, they're still in the early stages of understanding them.  That's why they're calling on anyone who recreates on Lake Superior to be observant and to share their algae sightings.

If you've spotted algae blooms in the areas of Lake Superior basin you're exploring, you're asked to send an email to  In that email, be sure to include vital details like the approximate algae bloom size, its duration, the location - including the name of the water body, the town near it, the county it's located in, and any photos you can take of the algae and share.

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