The all-night grad party concept has been around for a decade or two - offering a safe ans secure spot for kids to have fun and party with their classmates one last time.  Organizers with the 2019 edition of the Superior High School Chemical-Free All-Night Grad Party have been planning for the upcoming event that's scheduled for graduation night, Saturday, June 1.  Superior's grad party has been very successful in years part and they look forward to another safe and fun night.

Ahead of the party, the organizing committee is looking for donations to make the party happen.  They're soliciting contributions from both corporate and business partners, along with the general public.  In order to accommodate their efforts, they've established a website that allows the general public the opportunity to help out.  They're generally looking for product or financial contributions, but they also welcome volunteers who are willing to provide manpower on the evening of the event.  You can also check out their Facebook page for details, updates, and other ways you can get involved.

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